Sunday, June 12, 2011

9 months, 1 month

Shall I start with the good or the better?

I say good.

On the 9th two wonderful events were celebrated. Not only did my little Boog turn 9 months but it has been 1 month since I entered back into the world of happiness. And I have to say I am diggin' being happy. If you couldn't have guessed this is the good part. The better part is my Boog turning 9 months. Can you believe this 20 lb 10 ounce bundle of joy is now 9 months.

He has been eating thicker solids and has even mastered finger foods like toast and bananas. But there has been a down side since turning three quarters of a year. Since Thursday Ryan has been suffering from tummy issues. It even ended up with blood coming from somewhere blood shouldn't be. I took him to the doctor's on Friday and the doctor didn't even seem to care. Looked at him for a second and sent us on our merry way. Even when I tried to talk to him he said that it was perfectly normal and to slap some vaseline on his butt. Um, excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? Blood isn't a big deal? Looks like he is loosing a patient. So now we are on day four and just starting to see some change. I will still be taking him to a new doctor, hopefully tomorrow.

So bye bye purple room and hello proper health care.

Lately Ryan has also taken a fancy to standing solo. He will let go of our hands or the couch and stand for about 30 seconds then get so excited he makes himself fall over. So far this has to be the cutest thing he has done, other then his spider monkey crawl.

He's also been showing a lot of interest in certain things. Right now he is really big into the refrigerator.

He will high tail it into the kitchen as soon as he hears it open. He just loves to explore inside. But his one true love has to be the outdoors. I have countless pictures of him staring out the patio door. I really hope this stays with him when he grows up.

Tomorrow I am going to take him to the park and let him roam free. I'm sure we will both enjoy that.

Monday, June 6, 2011

High on Life

When you were a child did you every lay out in the grass and look up at the clouds? I've always found the sky to be so enchanting. Every day was something new, no two are alike. Call me crazy but I think late at night while everyone is sleeping Mother Nature is hard at work painting out the next day. Making sure every cloud bunny is extra fluffy, getting the golden hues of the sun to the right shade, filling in gray rain clouds with tiny droplets. Each day more beautiful then the next. I even find rainy, cloudy days to be beautiful.

But I've started to wonder if Mother Nature painted these past two days for me?

Saturday was filled with grays, whites, and blacks. Occasionally Mother Nature would let a little sliver of blue shine through. Just a reminder that through all those clouds blue skies are shining bright. Saturday also happened to be two years since Ryan's dad and I have...well should have been... together. The whole day I felt down in the dumps. Fighting tears that wanted to fall, just like the clouds in the sky fought so it wouldn't rain.

But thanks to my best friend, heck my sister, and her boyfriend who had a house warming party my spirits slowly lifted. I guess it also helps that there were many people there, some I didn't even know, that loved on my Ryan. And by the looks of it he was loving all that attention. I just wish I had my camera cause he made his first friend. I do want to point out though that this future 9 month old is not shy when it comes to making friends. This kid has balls! Ryan wasn't the only one who made a new friend. I just so happened to make one too.

And the next morning after all the laughter, shouting of joy, beers, margaritas, Cranium, puppies, babies, deer burgers, cow burgers, nachos, "I forgot the cheese", and babies reaching out to be held and loved...

That sky that very same sky that only hours ago was threatening to rain on an amazing house warming parade was the bluest of blue. The sun light up the sky like fire works on the Fourth of July. It was as if Mother Nature knew herself that today, this day out of three hundred sixty five of them, that this would be the day that I realized that I am happy and I no longer have to fear or worry about a certain someone.

Can I repeat that one more time? Mother Nature are you listening?

I am happy....