Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4: Hello December!

I can't believe it. In a few short weeks Joel-Ryan will get to celebrate his first Christmas. I've never been more excited about Christmas before. I even went out and bought a tree for our room just for him. The lights don't attract him but to be honest the tree is more for me then him. Next year that tree is all him!

Thanksgiving was fun. We showed up at my parents' house and Joel-Ryan was sporting a turkey beanie and his pjs (I promise I will post pictures). Then after a nice warm bath, which filled the room with the smell of buttermilk from his Baby Bees bath soak, I dressed him up in his dress up clothes (yes I will post pics) and I do have to proudly say he looked good! I wanted to walk around the house with him in my arms to "Sharp Dressed Man" from ZZtop.

And ladies, its true! 'Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!'

Monday, November 22, 2010

3: My Bucket List

I've been thinking lately that there are many things I would like to do before I kick the bucket one day. And the number one on that list is enjoy watching my children grow, well as of right now its just my son. But I want to be there for ever skinned knee, for every bow for every school play they are in, for every touchdown, basket, or backhand spring they make. I want to cheer louder then any other parent in the crowd, even if my child covers their face in embarrassment. I want to be there through all the good, and all the bad. And mainly I want them to know that no matter how old they are I will always be there to hold them, hug them, and cherish them.

So this list is for them, for many of the items involve little hands, and wonderful imaginations.

  1. Enjoy my children grow.
  2. Go camping every year until I'm to old to make it up the hill.
  3. Catch fireflys.
  4. Bake cookies, cakes, or cupcakes at least once a week.
  5. Invite friends or family over to enjoy said cupcakes, cookies, or cakes.
  6. Celebrate birthdays as if we were bringing in a new year.
  7. Write a song.
  8. Learn how to play the piano or guitar.
  9. Sit on the beach from sun up til sun down reading the same book.
  10. Take a road trip on Route 66.
  11. Restore a classic car, by myself.
  12. Hand make every single Christmas ornament for our tree.
  13. Learn how to snowboard.
  14. Go horseback riding.
  15. Take dance lessons.
  16. Learn how to knit and sew.
I know my list is short right now but it will grow with time. I also know there is more to add but I can't think of any more right now. Cause at this very moment I have a sleeping baby next to me and I'd rather enjoy him, even asleep, then continue thinking off all the things I want to do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2: First Shots

In two days my little man is getting his first shots, and I have to say I'm not scared at all. Actually I'm not gonna lie, I kind of am. But not for sitting there watching while he gets his shots but I'm scared of what is to come after wards. I really don't know what I have to look forward too.

Right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect security  blanket for my little Peanut. I swear this is the hardest thing I've ever looked for. Its horrible. Well Just wanted to make a quick update, back to the hunt.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1: Starting a new blog

So I had another blog: http://livingmydaydreams.blogspot.com/ But for some reason Blogger won't let me log into. That's where this new blog comes in, and with this new blog a whole new direction. Not only will I be posting about my wonderful new baby, but I will include posts on remodeling our bedroom and nursery with all the DIY projects I'll be doing, as well as posting about my battle with postpartum depression.

Today my little man turned two months, and he is finally able to fit into the very first thing I ever bought for him. I was about two months pregnant, how ironic, when I walked into Target and saw these cute pjs hanging on the sales rack. The little orange square reads, "You quack me up" and not to mention the big and little duck above it is made from a really soft material and the little footsies are also made the same way. Oh I just love it!

Tomorrow I have another meeting with my therapist. I think I'm gonna talk to her about how I'm starting to believe that its not my little one's reason why I'm depressed but everyone else around me. I've noticed that when its just me and him alone I feel completely confident. But when others are in the room I feel so insecure, and I start to feel like I just can't do it. Is this still considered postpartum depression? Or is it something entirely different. Either way, I still need to get it taken care of. Its not normal to just want to pack up and leave every time he cries.

Lastly I wanna talk about my ideas on remodeling our room, meaning the baby's side, our side and the bathroom. I'm looking into a nautical theme. I've always wanted to do my room like this and why not do it now. It just screams perfect bedroom theme to me. A nice escape from the real world, its like going to the beach with out actually having to drive!

Now I bid you all ado, because its time for me to go to bed. Good night all.